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Monday Morning... Who Cares!!


I’ve reached the age of apathy - I think.

I blink, and in a minute the urge to work it out has disappeared.

I flout the laws of life - refuse to see the fear and can ignore the pain.

I’ve trained myself to turn away, to live to fight another day -

or not…

I’ve told myself I shall not judge, nor pledge myself to any cause.

I only pause to ruminate on this strange age of lethargy;

sometimes even contemplate how undemanding life can be …

avoiding conflict, shunning strife, apathy tolerates dull lives

and the choice of saying I don’t care; the slumping around on the chair,

of not being aware of all the lies of all the guys in charge.

The refusal to vote.

Though on a note of caution

I will make a declaration…

If forced to carry a banner,

It would be for apathy.

Or play a tune on the piano,

It would be for apathy.

Throw a spanner in the works,

It would be for apathy.

Have aggressive manners,

It would be for apathy –

(What do we want?

Apathy – maybe?

When do we want it?

Let’s wait and see)

© Judith Barrow 2019



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