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I'm Having A Senior Moment, I'll Be Back Soon. I Think!

Now... where was I?

I intended to post about something. But I can't remember what. So I'll just show these for now...

On a miserable, drizzly August Bank Holiday...

Memories of one of our walks on a weekend away - one of the hottest days of the year.

Photographs courtesy of husband ©DavidBarrow ... clever chap, if I say so myself!

Cors Caron National Nature Reserve is a vast area of wetland filling the broad valley of the River Teifi near Tregaron.

The reserve includes three raised bogs - areas of deep peat that have built up over the last 12000 years.

The raised bogs are surrounded by a complex and unique mix of habitats. These include reedbeds, wet grasslands, woodland and rivers, streams and ponds.

The variety of habitats makes this reserve a fantastic place for wildlife and its ever-changing shades of red, brown and yellow provide a rich counterpoint to the green of the surrounding hills.

Despite first appearances, there has been human habitation here from the earliest times and the bog itself was, for centuries, at the heart of the area’s life and economy.

Peat was a vital fuel until the middle of the 20th century and you will find evidence of peat cutting everywhere.

Work is underway to restore the landscape to its original condition, so that new peat grows and the rich habitats that it supports are secured. 

There are two circular walks at Cors Caron:

  • The boardwalk over the south-east bog passes the large observation building where you can enjoy a peaceful view of the landscape and wildlife. The boardwalk is fully accessible

  • The circular Riverside Walk is a longer route which passes through the heart of Cors Caron

You can also access a six kilometre section of the Ystwyth Trail, a National Cycle trail. This follows an old railway track along the edge of the reserve. 




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